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KEDI Golden Six Capsule

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It is used for the treatment,control,prevention and improvement of the following diseases:
1.Diabetics mellitus
2.Atopic Dermatitis
3.Oxidative Stress
4.Kidney Diseases
5.Liver Injuries


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Golden Six Capsules
Golden Six Capsules is among the most regarded ancient Chinese herbal formulas. Today, it is most widely used to nourish Yin of the Yin-Yang principles and is the foundation for many other Chinese medicines. In traditional Chinese medicine, Yin is the feminine principle of Yin-Yang whereas Yang is the masculine principle. A diminished Yin can be shown as sweat, low fever, dizziness, tinnitus, soreness in the lower back etc.
In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), Golden Six Capsules can replenish Yin due to the Yin insufficiency of the kidney. The kidney is the innate foundation of all organs with respect to the Yin-Yang principles, Qi essence etc. When the kidney is diminished functionally, many other organs show malfunctions. It is thus vitally important to maintain the kidney in a good state.
This explains why many symptoms seemingly unrelated to the kidney may be relieved by restoring the kidney Yin-Yang.While modern biomedical studies have yet to reveal the basis of the kidney Yin-Yang and how Golden Six Capsules works, some researches have found that Golden Six Capsules can increase the number of T lymphocytes and regulate the production of cytokines, 2 and thus Golden Six Capsules may adjust the immune function of our body.
Golden Six Capsules can also increase the production of sex hormones and of adrenal cortical hormones that have anti-inflammatory function in animal studies. Moreover, Golden Six Capsules can reduce blood sugar levels and increase the activity of super oxide dismutase (SOD) in the diabetes rat model. SOD is a key enzyme for eliminating free radicals in the body and its enhanced function prolongs lifespan in animal studies.
Golden Six Capsules is indicated in China Pharmacopoeia for Yin insufficiency of kidney; dizziness; tinnitus; weakness and soreness of the loins and the limbs; emission and sweating. Many published and unpublished human clinical studies have supported the use of Golden Six Capsules in numerous conditions, some of which are highlighted below.
• Back pain due to the kidney Yin insufficiency. Typically, you feel weakness and then soreness of the waist and legs. You may also feel dizziness, faint vision, tinnitus, tiredness, sweat or low fever. You start to forget things and do not sleep well. You feel you are sick but doctors cannot find any underlying cause. You are not alone and these are common problems for people especially professionals who spend hours daily in front of computers and who are getting older (e.g., over 40). (see low back pain for more info)
• Sexual performance. You feel you are not as hard as before and do not last as long as before. You feel sore waist the next day and it takes longer time for you to reinvigorate. (see sexual wellness for more info)
• Type II diabetes disease. In recent years, Chinese doctors have found that Golden Six Capsules is very effective in treating diabetes type II disease. In multiple controlled human clinical trials, Golden Six Capsules is reported consistently effective in over 90% patients, of which most have their blood sugar levels returned to the normal. The treatment is at least as good as the standard treatment with western medicines. When Golden Six Capsules is used together with western medicines, it further enhances the efficacy of the western medicines.
• Menopausal syndrome. In a human clinical trial, 23 women were treated with Golden Six Capsules for 3 months, the symptoms of hectic fever, hot flash, sweating, palpitation, and insomnia were significantly improved in 39.1% patients. Additional 60.9% showed some improvement.

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